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Cruising in the Hawaiian Islands

We've been living and sailing in Hawaii for more than a year now. Petter and I moved to Oahu in October 2016, after finishing up our jobs in San Francisco and taking a little cross-country motorcycle trip from San Francisco, California to Alexandria, Virginia where we have family. We left the red Ducati Multistrada with his brother and flew back to San Francisco, then Hawaii.

Petter had already single handed Bella Marina from San Francisco to Ko Olina, Oahu the year before, and we re-joined our floating home in Paradise and got to work cleaning and organizing it. Most of our 'stuff' was moved back to the boat from the Sausalito apartment, minus some heavier winter clothes, riding gear and the yellow Ducati 999 which were left in our trailer, conveniently parked at our old apartment.

We got the opportunity to join dear friends from Seattle on Maui for Thanksgiving 2016, and decided to sail over instead of catching one of the easy inter-island flights. The trades were blowi…

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