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Monday, November 30, 2009

Espiritu Santos, Part Deux

Fish on!IMG_1321

Dingy wheels would be handy right about now…IMG_1324

Our anchorage in Calleta Partida viewed from the hiking trail:IMG_1334



Desert and more desert:





Apparently this is what they make Tequila out of:IMG_1362

Petter in search of Internet on top of the island:IMG_1359

It’s still surreal for temperate me to be in the desert. Under a fig tree… :)IMG_1385

Thanksgiving feast with Erin and Brian on S/V Delos:





Amazing sunsets:





Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A cloudy day in Mexico

Today we woke up to clouds and a chilly wind in our anchorage in Calleta Partida in Isla Espiritu Santo. The same Pineapple Express that’s dumping tons of rain over the Northwest is sending wisps of clouds thick enough to block the sun over the Sea. There is a bizarre attitude inversion regarding the weather since we turned the corner at Cabo san Lucas. Although it’s only been a couple of weeks since we reached the Sea of Cortez, sunny and warm has become the norm, so a cloudy, cool day is a fleeting event. Much like a sunny day in Seattle is a rare occurrence during the winter and not to be missed.

So what does one do with such a day? It’s perfect for running errands, everything from running the generator to recharge our battery bank to making water to cleaning the boat and doing laundry… in our washing machine of course since the generator is running anyway :)

Tomorrow will be a new sunny day, I’m sure!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Islas Espiritu Santos


After a week in La Paz we headed over to some of the Islands North in the Sea of Cortez: Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida. Our friend Gil was visiting from Seattle so we decided to run from civilization for a couple of days and go diving and fishing in the islands. Calleta Partida, the anchorage we stopped in was gorgeous. The water is aqua marine, green and gin blue depending on the depth and how much sand is on the bottom. We anchored in aqua marine and swam and dingied to the light blue gin.






The anchorage is surrounded by red stone desert high cliffs, dotted with green for the cacti and white for the sand.



We found some great spots for snorkeling and diving and we will surely be back for more!





We’re now back in La Paz for a day to run some errands, and we’ll be back in the islands next week. Will probably trade some fish for the traditional Turkey for Thanksgiving :)


La Paz:


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ensenada to La Paz


We spent 5 days coming down the Baja California coast from Ensenada past Los Cabos. We had pretty decent winds, sailing about two thirds of the way. The rest was motoring – after all, we were eager to get there :) The weather was getting noticeably warmer as we got closer and closer to Cabo San Lucas, on the Southermost tip of Baja California Sur. We decided to bypass the crazy party that is usually Los Cabos and continued on to an anchorage in Los Frailes, about 40 miles farther into the Sea of Cortez.

Sunrise towards Cabo. One day to go!


We dropped hook in 40 feet of the most beautiful aqua marine water I’ve seen since Hawaii. The temperature was to match – 28C (that’s 82F). We spent a couple of days exploring the beach, swimming off the boat, snorkeling and diving under the boat where a whole ecosystem had formed within a couple of hours of our arrival. It was like having our own private aquarium, right off the swim step! We got to try our SeaBreathe diving system and it rocks!

Bella Marina at anchor in Los Frailes:


Our own private aquarium:




We also spent some wonderful evenings hanging out with pour friends on Delos, Erin and Brian and trading stories from our passage. Since we left right after the Baja HA HA, a cruiser rally that goes from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, Erin came up with the name of Baja HI HI for our own mini-rally. We ended up having only 3 boats, so it became the Wee HI HI.



We left bound for La Paz after a couple of days and decided to take a spot at Marina Palmira. It was pretty cool arriving here as this was the second time visiting the spot, this time with our own boat! The first time was last year during our Cabo vacation when we rented a jeep and drove around Baja. Something I would totally recommend, by the way :)

The Sea of Cortez. It’s like the Grand Canyon, but filled with water :)


The boat was so salty the task of getting rid of all the salt icicles forming on the lifelines seemed too much to take on, so Petter and I decided to help the local economy by hiring somebody to wash the boat for us while we had lunch at a wonderful seafood restaurant. Best decision ever! :D

La Paz is a lovely Mexican seaside city with a lively Malecon (seaside promenade) and many restaurants, bars and coffee shops. We spent last evening exploring it all, but I think there is some left for tomorrow too :)


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

San Diego to Ensenada, Mexico

We had a rather windless day today, motoring all the way from San Diego to Ensenada, Mexico. We left San Diego early in the morning and worked our way through layers of fog until the sun cleared it all away. Our arrival into Mexico was welcomed by a pair of blue whales, some grey whales, and dolphins. Pictures tomorrow!

Leaving San Diego

This is it, folks! Last night in San Diego. The fog has rolled in this evening, telling us it’s time we head South to warmer weather.

We are leaving tomorrow morning, first thing in thing in the morning, and planning to check into Ensenada.